nso1983   (open in a new window)

Looking For Friends

I'm a sweet and caring person with a good sense of humor. I love to laugh. Physically I have hazel-green eyes, clear complexion, pretty face, heavy set, and dark hair. ...

32 years old | Gilbert, Arizona

Last time online: Within 2 months

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laurie92   (open in a new window)


Hi I'm Laurie I'm really shy and quiet when meeting new people which often is a problem which is why I decided to try and meet new people online once you get to know the real me you will see I can be mouth all mighty lol and love to joke around all though I am shy I am very straight talking so I do say it how it is what's the point in going around an issue tell it straight I can't be doing with b... ...

23 years old | United Kingdom, Prescott

Last time online: Within 2 months

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bunzarella   (open in a new window)

I'm probably more interesting than that other profile...

Life is fun. I like to enjoy things. I laugh loud and often. I listen to music and go to shows. I watch movies and occasionally act in them (not adult films...get your mind outta that gutter). My mind is always in the gutter and I curse like a trucker. I'm a picky eater but love to eat. I'm allergic to most pets. I love sports. I play video games. I love wearing overalls. Bunzarella is a nick name... ...

30 years old | Buffalo, New York

Last time online: Within 2 months

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sassyazssbbw201   (open in a new window)

Sassy looking!

Everything starts with friendship. So looking for someone who know how to be a friend, communicates well, is not shy and if finds someone he wants to build something more with he can make that choice. Great friends are hard to find, best friend more difficult. So lets talk. ...

46 years old | All of Arizona

Last time online: Within 2 months

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classlady1   (open in a new window)

large is affectionate

i am a hard working independent woman.i am not here to find someone to take care of me.i can do that all by myself.i am looking for someone that knows how to treat a lady.someone who is kind,considerate and respectful.someone who wants something out of life and not afraid to strive to get it. ...

42 years old | All of Texas

Last time online: Within 2 months

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shaegotit   (open in a new window)


I am looking for a gorgeous BBW woman to give my love to and appreciate. Please don't hesitate to send me a message ladies. ...

18 years old | Alexandria, Virginia

Last time online: Within 2 months

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ladydistinct525   (open in a new window)

Here and Now

I joined this site to find a man interested in me as a woman and a person in general, one who would respect me for the lady I am. ...

54 years old | New York City Suburbs, New York

Last time online: Within 2 months

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lalipalooza   (open in a new window)

Passionate but Picky

I'm at a place in my life where I know what I want and I know who I am. There are both good and bad aspects of this. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm not open to new ideas or to change, it just means that I'm not going to embrace things just because I think it will please or impress someone else. Food-wise, I'm not terribly picky, I love most all of it. Music-wise, I have pretty eclectic taste... ...

36 years old | Madison, Wisconsin

Last time online: Within 2 months

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jaylovee19   (open in a new window)

Hello :)

Looking to meet other girls curious & eager to explore like me. ...

22 years old | Bell Gardens, California

Last time online: Within 2 months

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butterball2360   (open in a new window)


i am a larger woman ...

52 years old | Salina, Kansas

Last time online: Within 2 months

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