bbwlady7   (open in a new window)

Unique Christian woman seeks friends and equals.

Obviously I'm a larger lady. I will the rest of this out at a later time. ...

33 years old | Aaron, Missouri

Last time online: Within 2 months

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stuffedsasha   (open in a new window)

Need a force feeder

Hi! I'm on this site looking for a serious, dominant feeder to help me get larger to achieve my goals. Nice guys and ethical, considerate people need not apply; I'm into really manipulative and forceful feeders who will fatten me no matter what. I'll probably have doubts about my size later, but hopefully someone will be able to talk some sense into me.;) I like both guys and girls, and the reas... ...

18 years old | Austin, Texas

Last time online: Within 2 months

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emmawetter   (open in a new window)

Disabled lesbian in diapers

42 years old | United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Last time online: Within 2 months

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laurie92   (open in a new window)


Hi I'm Laurie I'm really shy and quiet when meeting new people which often is a problem which is why I decided to try and meet new people online once you get to know the real me you will see I can be mouth all mighty lol and love to joke around all though I am shy I am very straight talking so I do say it how it is what's the point in going around an issue tell it straight I can't be doing with b... ...

22 years old | United Kingdom, Borough of Knowsley

Last time online: Within 2 months

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missouriannie53   (open in a new window)

looking for my teddy bear

i like larger men cause they can relate to my current situation and that cause im a bbw or a plus size woman and i like a heavier man ...more to love ...

57 years old | Villa Ridge, Missouri

Last time online: Within 2 months

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livia   (open in a new window)

Voluptuous Lady

Being Voluptuous is special.I am a person worth knowing.I am funny and smart. I love people and I am very caring. I am looking for a quiet spirit that matches mine.That doesn't mean exactly like me just that we flow.Not attracted to younger men at all. ...

55 years old | Antioch, Tennessee

Last time online: Within 2 months

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thectdiva   (open in a new window)

I'm a Diva. I'm Fat, Funny & Fabulous. You?

My, that does sound like I'm being picky doesn't it? Damn right I am, lol. I'm your Archetypical Middle Aged Artsy Fartsy Diva, ( with just the teensiest touch of Great Earth Mother thrown in for spice) who wafts about in funky garb, funny as hell, with a giant Belt Alto set of vocal chords, does brunch with all my fabulous Gay boyfriends and has small yappy dogs. Scared you yet? No? Excellent, th... ...

60 years old | Newington, Connecticut

Last time online: Within 2 months

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ssbbwbeth   (open in a new window)

Looking for friends first

First I'm a mom with 2 great kids ages 10 and 15. I am self employed full time. I'm very shy until I know you better. I think it's best to start out as friends rather than jumping straight into dating. You could say trial and error led me to this. I want to know the you that you hide from your dates but will show your best friend. I personally am an open book. I like finding out about people throu... ...

33 years old | Marysville, Ohio

Last time online: Within 2 months

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april1985   (open in a new window)


Hey everybody :) I'm laid back and generally happy. I'm shy but once u get to know me I'm super easy to get along with. here to enjoy a new experience. look forward to meeting new people :) Make peace with the past and look forward to the future. More importantly, choose happiness! ...

28 years old | Canada, Okotoks

Last time online: Within 2 months

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osuvorova   (open in a new window)

Hey there)

I will be happy to make new friends. or find the love of my life! :) ...

23 years old | Russian Federation, Moscow

Last time online: Within 2 months

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