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Warmer weather

It's finally warm enough to venture outside again! Recreationally, that is. I'll pick back up with my walking, build some muscle and drop some fat. I've started work on a book, which probably isn't the smartest way to try to get published...but oh well. The idea is too big to fit in a short story format. I've been having better luck finding and being found by interesting people on OKcupid than here, and I'm kinda puzzled as to why. Larger user-base I suppose?

2 Responses to “Warmer weather”

  1. cookinbubbles Says:

    I have been on this site for a while now and sometimes things are popping and sometimes it is stagnant, as now.
    The men in my age group don’t go onto the site often so any time I do a search, there are very few, in my state or age range that have logged on recently or with any regularity.
    Too bad too because those I have met on the forum seem to be a nice bunch of folks but all much younger than I which makes for interesting and much different opinions sometimes. Never dull anyway.
    Good luck with the book.

  2. noqulewa Says:

    Hello there from Fiji…

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