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What Women Want–At Least This One.

First blog post. Thunder cats are go: It's kind of a new idea for me that men might find me attractive sexually. It seems strange to me because I've never really known a man to specifically desire bigger women, particularly myself. Why? What's the draw? What's the benefit of being with a big woman? From a Darwinian perspective, it makes complete sense. Big woman, broad hips, large breasts. Good for both child bearing and rearing. But where's the sexual element? Help me out, boys. As I've slowly internalized the idea that my body--not just my mind or sense of humor or voice--may be sexually attractive to a man, I've gotten a little persnickety. I've decided to make (and publicize) a list of what I want. It largely boils down to this: I want a man who craves me. I want to be wanted. I've been smiled at, I've been appreciated, I've been considered the girl who gets her man later in life. All of that's nice enough, but if I'm completely honest, I want a man to WANT me. To desire me, to crave me, to burn for me. I don't necessarily want to have sex in the first stages of a relationship, but I'd like to feel that it's a possibility. No, a PROBABILITY. I wonder who can deliver? ;D

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